Well we finished off the Spring Salmon Season with limits and near limit days. These fish were still in beautiful shape. Bill finished the season with a total of 154 Springers caught, and is now heading over to the coast for the start of the Fall Salmon Season. This has been one of the best Springer Seasons we can remember in years!

Thank you to everyone who made this year’s Springer Season so successful. Check the photos page on Bill’s website in the up coming weeks to see if your photo made it to the gallery.

Forecast: With early reports of large schools of Salmon out in the Pacific, and if the Spring Salmon season is any indication of how the Fall Salmon season is going to be. We should be having an incredible Fall Coastal Salmon Season.


Spring Salmon fishing continues to be very good. Still averaging 3-5 fish days with the size ranging from 18-28 lbs. We expect fishing to continue to be good with all of the Salmon still in the river.

Bill’s Springer Season will be coming to an end at the end of July as he heads over to Gold Beach for the start of what should be a fantastic Fall Chinook, and Silver Salmon Season.

The Upper Rogue is still packed full of fish and since the first of July we can keep “Wild” Chinook Salmon. We have been averaging 4- 7 fish per day, and all the sizes are 18 up to 20 lbs just beautiful bright fish. With all of this great Spring Salmon Season still going, Bill won’t be heading over to Gold Beach until August 3 to start his Fall Salmon Season.

Dates for the Coast are starting to fill up, so if your deciding on going out to the coast this year. Don’t wait too long or you may miss out!

Springer fishing continues to be good as we average three fish a day. Forty percent of the catch are “Hatchery” (Finn clipped) Salmon. All “Wild” Salmon must be released until July 1. Spring Chinook excess to brood needs at Cole Rivers Hatchery are already being recycled back into the river to improve fishing for anglers. Approximately 1,000 Springers are scheduled to be released in vicinity of Gold Hill this week. This should make fishing even better!

Springer fishing continues to improve with each coming day. We went from an average of two fish a day to five fish days. On Wednesday we had one of our best days in recent memory going six for eight. The Salmon are just packed in the river right now, and this is just the start of the season. The fish are in beautiful shape averaging 20 lbs and full of fight!

Springer Fishing is really starting to heat up! With the removal of Gold Ray Dam, a fish count is no longer available, but were sure able to count the number of fish we hook. Most days were are averaging 2 fish a day, with an average size of 15-20 lbs. With reports of more Spring Salmon entering the river, fishing should continue to only get better!

Well we finally got back on the river this past week, fishing the Upper Rogue River. Fishing has been pretty good with and average catch of six fish a day. The River is still running a bit high, but that should improve as the weather continues to stay clear.

As the Winter Steelhead season come to an end, the Spring Salmon is just getting started, and so far it looks like it’s going to be a banner year. Over 70 Springers were caught one day out at Gold Beach this week. With the good River flows, these fish should be charging up River soon.

Forecast: Winter Steelhead fishing continues to be good and maybe a few Spring Salmon mixed in!

Washed out for a second week as rivers continue to flow high and muddy.

Forecast for next week looks promising as weather clears and rivers comeback into shape

Washed out this week due to all of the wet weather. Hope to be back fishing soon.

This week we’ve been fishing the South Umpqua and Upper Rogue River as water conditions start to deteriorate. Fishing has slowed a bit this week with raising water levels, as we were only able to average 5 hookups a day. It was reported that two Spring Salmon were caught in Grants Pass the week! Let’s hope this is a sign of a fantastic Springer Season.

The weather forecast is for more wet weather. Hopefully this will brings us more fresh fish into the Rivers!


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February 2023