As I am sure you all are aware the fishing in the Rogue River Bay this season has been anything but Red Hot. The average total catch coming in is 20- 25 fish a day but, as I continue to stay up river towards Agness, my days have been nothing but fantastic. The fish have been very aggressive and just full of fight as they make there way up river. Most days we were close to, if not having, limits of Adult Chinook Salmon. They have been in the teen range of 14- 19 lbs but, when you add those to limits of jacks all shaped like footballs, it doesn’t take long to fill a cooler!

As we wind down the Fall Salmon Season, I will be heading back to Medford around October 7, and then I’m back into the drift boat for a couple of canyon trips through the Lower Rogue. After that we’ll be rolling right into the Winter Steelhead Season on the Upper Rogue River. Hope we get some early cold weather, that should make for some great CAST and BLAST trips through the holidays.

I have had a lot of clients re-booking their dates for the next fall season already, so if you have the desire to come on over and get in on some of this side drifting, Don’t hesitate to give Debi a call to lock in your dates!

Hope everyone has enjoyed a great summer and look forward to hearing from you soon!