Well “The Boys” and even a few “Girls” came into town, a little earlier than usual for their annual Fall Chinook Trip on the Lower Rogue River, but they weren’t disappointed.

Fishing in the bay remained slow, so the call for the next two days was up river to try and hook into these moving schools of Salmon. It was the right call, as they were sixteen for eighteen with a mixed bag of Steelhead (“Wild” released unharmed), Jacks (Salmon under 24 inches) and Adult Salmon. The big fish of the bunch was a beautiful 28 lbs Fall Chinook caught on light spinning tackle with 8 lbs. test line. Talk about a battle!

Salmon continue to move into the bay, and as the water temperature begins to warm with the weather, the Salmon should begin to stack up in the bay. Keeping an eye on both upriver and the bay, we will fish wherever the fish are biting