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The bite was up and down this past week, as some days provided good action, while other days the bite shut down. The conclusion of the First Annual FLI Spring Salmon Derby was Wednesday as the winning team of: Matt Miller, Anthony Gomez, Matt Miller, Pedro Rivera had a total weight of 68 lbs. Fishing began to improve as the weekend approached, and hopefully the bite continues.

Just a reminder as July 1 approaches, you will able to keep “Wild” Chinook Salmon below DodgeBridge as of July 1.


Guiding for the First Annual FLI (Freight Logistics Incorporated) Spring Salmon Derby, we had some fantastic days of fishing for the first group. Many of the Springer’s were running between 15 – 25 lbs with a few tipping the scale in the 30 lbs class. Back Bouncing Bait and running Quick Fish are still running about 50/50 on the hookups. Springer Fishing continues to be the best it’s been in a few years, and the second group should be in for a treat!

Salmon fishing has really picked up on the Upper Rogue River this past week. Last season we landed twenty six Spring Chinook. So far, this season we have boated forty five and the season has just begun.

We are running Quick Fish and Back Bouncing Bait which seems to be producing equal number of strikes. The ratio right now is about two “Wild” Chinooks to one “Hatchery” Chinook being caught. Remember, All “Wild” Salmon must be released back into the river, but the hatchery fish we have been landing are just beautiful, and weighing in between 16- 28 lbs.

We are really looking forward to the next 8 weeks of Springer fishing here, as more and more of these Spring Salmon begin to move upriver

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