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Winter Steelhead and Spring Salmon fishing continue to be fair on the Upper Rogue River. As the Steelhead season winds down, the Salmon season should start to improve. Most Springers are averaging 18- 25 lbs and these babies are full of fight!

So we had our first official day on the Upper Rogue River for the spring run of Chinook Salmon. The day started out a little slow, so we switched gears and ran up river a bit to try our hand at some winter run steelhead. Well, after about two hours, we had four of those beauties in the box all about 7- 10 lbs. We then decided to go down river and try for those Spring Salmon again. Well just a few minutes later, we are side drifting roe, and we hook into a 20 lb Spring Chinook on 10 lb test line! It was very eventful getting her into the boat but, we finally did it after about a 15 minute battle! So that’s 1 down and hopefully a boat load more to go for the season. Nothing better then fresh Spring Salmon on the BBQ.

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