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Cold and wet days were the typical fishing conditions this week. Fishing has been fair on the UmpquaRiver with most of the days we are averaging five to six fish. Most of the fish are running between 8 – 12 lbs. A lot of Steelhead are on the move with the recent storms and this should really pick things up.

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On Monday, with sunny skies and the temperature reaching 60 degrees, we went eight for eight on Steelhead, while fishing the UmpquaRiver. By late Monday afternoon, the rain we had needed came, but unfortunately, it was too much, too fast, and it didn’t stop for days. The river levels rose to undesirables conditions, and the week was washed out. Hopefully after the storms pass, fishing should pick right back up where we left off. Rain and snow are in the forecast for the upcoming week.

Please check the web site for an “Early Bird” booking discount for Spring and Fall salmon trips

Fishing continues to be good on the UmpquaRiver, even with the low and clear river conditions. Most days we are still averaging about six fish a day. A few of these Winter Steelhead were tipping the scale at 16 lbs. Much needed rain is in the forecast and this should bring a new batch of fish along with improving the river conditions

Fishing continues to be very good this week on the Umpqua as the river level continue to drop. We are averaging seven hookups a day which makes for a lot of action. These fish are running between 8-15 lbs and just a blast to catch side drifting with light tackle. Just a reminder, All “Wild” Steelhead must be released on the UmpquaRiver.

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