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Wow, what a difference a week makes! After the rains left and the rivers got back into shape, the fishing was red hot. That’s what Oregon Steelhead fishing is all about. You never know what it’s going to be like from week to week. That’s why we love it so much.

On the Coquille, it was six to seven fish per day. These Steelhead are always “Hot” and will put up a great battle. Out on the Umpqua, the river was still running a bit high. We were still able to land four nice Steelhead, while always thinking that next hookup could be a trophy Steelhead. Finally, fishing the Rogue River out of Grants Pass, we hooked seven, and were able to land five. This time of the year we have quite a few options on where to fish.

As the rivers continue to come into shape, the fishing should only continue to get better as the season starts to hit its peek.


The recent storms really played havoc with the river conditions. Most of the rivers are blown out and probably won’t be able to fish until the early part of the week, if the rains subside. We should get a good push of fresh fish with all of the rain.

If the weather improves and allows us to get back on the river, Bill will be out on the Coquille River next week.

Things started out a little slow on the Umpqua last week. The water was low and clear, and we only had a couple of fish biting. By Thursday, the fishing turned up a few notches. We were hooking up to 5 Steelhead per day with an average size around 9 lbs. We were not fortunate enough to keep any of the Steelhead with all of them being “Wild” but they were a lot of fun to fight and they really got that fish fever back in my veins. We had a couple of my other guide buddies on the water, and they were all averaging 3- 5 fish per day as well. I am really looking
forward to the rest of the month.

Bill will be fishing the Lower Rogue River early next week, and will keep you up-to-date on how things are back home.

The forecast for the South Umpqua is for a good return of “Hatchery” fish as the season goes on. Many of the Costal Rivers are starting to produce some good numbers of Steelhead when the conditions are right.

First off, my family and I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and a very prosperous 2011 !

I am now headed up to the South Umpqua River for some anxiously awaited Steelhead fishing. For the last two weeks we have been fishing on the Upper Rogue River catching 2-4 steelhead a day but they are not nearly as feisty as South Umpqua “Steelies” we are after now. There are some big winter storms coming at us now through next week, and then, things should just break loose up here. I am looking forward to some good times and rippin some lips! As the fish start coming in, I will keep the updates coming to you all .

Thank you all for a fantastic and memorable 2010 season, and lets get out there and do it all over again only better!

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