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In the bay, the waiting game continues. Sunny skies, clam winds, salmon rolling all over the bay, and bait, what more could you ask for? Still, these fish just won’t bite. As quick as a bite started, it would shut down. Even “The Boys” from SF Bay Area, came into town for their annual trip, and could only manage three Kings for three days of fishing, one going 30 lbs. Another fish weighed in at 45 lbs. so there are some nice fish being caught from time to time. Hopefully the bite gets going for the fishing derby next week.


The news hasn’t been good as fishing continues to still be slow in the bay and upriver. Still, the few fish being caught have been very nice. The removal of Gold Ray Dam might have pushed these fish up river faster then expected. Most boats continue to troll with the hopes of the bite turning on.

The weather in GoldBeach for the up coming week is: Early morning fog, low to mid 60’s during the day, with a low of 52 F. Winds continue to be light.

Fishing continues to be up and down. Some days you’ll get a couple of nice Kings and then the next day, zero. There have been reports of up to 800 Fall Chinooks coming in, and going out with the tides. The problem is getting them to bite! The ones that do, though, have been slugs! Many of the fish weighed in have been going over 30 pounds. Hopefully as we get later into the month (derby time), the fishing will turn on. The lack of Anchovies for bait continues to be a problem.

The weather in GoldBeach for the up coming week is: 67 F during the day, with a low of 54 F. Early morning fog, winds will be light, increasing by the weekend.

Taking some time off with the newest addition to the Urie family, (the birth of Bill’s Granddaughter), Bill has moved out to the Oregon coast for the start of the Fall Chinook season.

The Lower Rogue is starting to produce some really nice Fall Kings. Fishing pressure is light, but will increase as the Salmon numbers begin to increase throughout August. While most of the fish are averaging 15-25 lbs, many in the 30 pounds class have been weighed in this week. Recently there have been a good number of Salmon rolling and jumping in the Bay. Tolling spinner bait or straight anchovies are the preferred method. Anchovies are in short supply up here. So, if your able to get a hold of some trays of anchovies, you might want to bring them up

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