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Well the Spring Salmon season has started for us. We got our first Springer of the year Sunday coming in at 14 lbs. We had another on for a bit, but lost it, and that was about it for the day. Back out again on Monday, and it turned out to be a pretty good day. We hooked three Salmon and were able to land two. One of Springers weighed in at 20 lb, and the other was tipping the scale at 30 lb. Let me tell you, these fish were all “Bright and Beautiful”.

Fishing at the coast has been excellent, some say the best in years. With the increase in water flow from Lost Creek Dam, we should be seeing these fish soon, adding to our already good number of 5000 plus Spring Salmon over Gold Ray Dam. With the high return of Spring Salmon, beginning this Saturday, the Department of Fish and Wildlife has said they will allow the take of “Wild Spring Chinook Salmon” below Gold Ray Dam. This is about ten days earlier than normal.


One of the great things about fishing the Rogue River is, as Winter Steelhead fishing comes to an end, here come the Springers! Most boats are averaging 1- 2 Spring Salmon per day on the Upper Rogue, and it looks like the fishing is just going to get better. There are now 1600+ Spring Salmon counted over the Gold Ray Dam, of which 343 are now in the hatchery. There hasn’t been a run like this, this early in the season, in almost seven years. This is great and exciting news.

We have a couple of days of rain in the forecast, so that should really help with the low river flow. The outflow at Lost Creek Dam has been cutback to 700cfs so they can finish filling the Reservoir which is about 8 ft from full. Once this is done, they should get the outflow back up, and this should get more fish moving up river.

Fishing is still going strong here on the Upper Rogue River out of Medford , we have an estimated 14,300 winter run steelhead over the dam and with fishing all last week we were landing 5-8 fish per day. We have gotten a few downers that we put back but still about 70% good fresh fish.

The fish count of over 300 Spring Run Salmon over the dam this early in the season, make for a very promising Springer season. The past week of heavy rains and higher water flows, should bring another big shot of fish up here to be caught.

The guides down at the Oregon Coast out of Gold Beach have been fishing the Spring Run Chinook since late March and many are reporting limits every day. They say that this is the best run of Spring Salmon they have seen in 10 – 15 years!

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