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This week we are on the Rogue River out of Grants Pass and fishing has been great. On Monday, we were one fish away from taking home our limit of Steelhead before noon. On the Rogue, the Steelheads are averaging 8 lbs. I plan to be moving over to the South Umpqua later in the week and maybe a trip to fish the Elk and Sixes early next week.

On Wednesday we were fishing the UmpquaRiver it was a little cool with some fog hanging around. Not more than two minutes into our first pass we hook on to a beautiful Wild Steelhead. We land this beauty and safely release it back into the river. We then go out make two more passes and land two more Steelhead, one pushing the scale to 16 lbs. This fish is just chrome silver and talk about a fight. We get her over to the boat and take a quick picture then let her go back into the water what a beautiful sight it was. By noon we have hooked and landed ten Steelhead two of them going 12 and 14 lbs. When the day ended, we were only able to keep two hatchery fish, but there is nothing wrong with letting those big beautiful wild ones back into the water. Expecting more days like this to come!

I know that California has just gotten a run of bad weather over the last 2 weeks with heavy rain down South, and snow in the North, but Southern Oregon has faired pretty well as of late, and our rivers are a little high, but it great condition! We have quite a few river options when it comes to Steelhead fishing.


Happy New Year Everyone,

Things are starting to Rock and Roll on the South Umpqua River . We fished up there the week of January 4 – 8 and we were having 4 and 5 fish days with our biggest steelhead weighing in at 16 pounds and the rest all 6 – 10 pounds. Just bright silver bullets and full of fight!
We had a couple of storms roll in earlier in the week, and this brought the river back up high, but now the river is dropping, and is in perfect shape. The fishing should continue to improve with more big fish out there to be caught! Looking for another great season of winter steelhead fishing!

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